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i3 I01 i3 60Ah Seat, front, head restraint

Seat, front, head restraint
No. Description Supp. Qty  From   Up To  Part Number Price Notes
For vehicles with
Woolen cloth/nat.lthr Solaric/cassia

01 Headrest leather CASSIA 2 52107360053
For vehicles with
Fabric/Sensatec electronic/carum-grau

01 Head rest cloth CARUMGRAU 2 52107360054
For vehicles with
Natural lthr 'Stellaric'/dalbergia-brown

01 Headrest leather DALBERGIABRAUN 2 52107360034
For vehicles with
Fabric Neutronic/aragaz-grau

01 Head rest cloth ARAGAZGRAU 2 52107360052
02 Oval-head screw with anti-rotation lock ISA M5X16 4 07142758504 $0.82

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