E46 323i     Rear light in the side panel

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Rear light in the side panel, white left163216900473$146.30
01Rear light in the side panel,white right163216900474$146.30
01Rear light in the side panel, left163218368757$131.52
01Rear light in the side panel, right163218368758$131.52
02Seal, rear light, side panel left163216900453$7.46
02Seal, rear light, side panel right163216900454
03Left bulb carrier f white turn indicator103/200363216900471$11.87
03Left bulb carrier f white turn indicator103/200363216928381$22.00
03Rght bulb carrier f white turn indicator103/200363216900472$11.87
03Rght bulb carrier f white turn indicator103/200363216928382$22.00
03Bulb socket, left103/200363218368761$11.08
03Bulb socket, left103/200363216928383$22.00
03bulb socket, right103/200363218368762$11.08
03bulb socket, right103/200363216928384$22.00+core
04Bulb12V 21/4W263217160792$3.00
suitable only for brake light and
05Longlife bulb12V 21W212/200463216926920ENDED
05Longlife bulb12V 21W263217160790$2.38
suitable only for turn signals
06Longlife bulb12V 21W212/200463216926920ENDED
06Longlife bulb12V 21W263217160790$2.38
For vehicles with
White direction indicator lights

06BULB YELLOW12V 21W263217160791$5.58
07Hex nut with plateM6 ZNT407149156628$0.25
08Protective adhesive film40X40MM451718102827$0.63
09Socket housing4 POL.261136984750$5.03
only in conjunction with
--Socket contact ELO-Power 2,8x0,630,5-1,0 MM²?61138364836$0.35
--Socket contact ELO-Power 2,8x0,631,0- 2,5 MM²?61138364838$0.62
09Rep. kit for socket housing4 POL.261132359996

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  • +core = plus core charge (possibility of a return of the old part)
  • ENDED = The part has been discontinued.
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