E46 M3     Single parts, xenon headlight

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Left cover glass163128382191$87.27
01Right cover glass163128382192$87.27
02Bulb socket, parking light263128380205$6.85
03Longlife bulb5W263217160797$1.96
04Bracket,control unit, Xenon light209/200163126901481$111.35
04Bracket,control unit, Xenon light left109/200163126924283$60.47
04Bracket,control unit, Xenon light right109/200163126920166$60.47
05Bulb socket, high beam263128380207$11.87
06Longlife bulb12V 55W H7263217160781$20.90
06Set of light bulbs H7 BMW Design12V 55W +30%263217170652ENDED, See PIZ SAZ009_04_05
07Bulb Xenon lightPHILIPS D2-S207119904790$129.62
Not suitable for ZKW
07Bulb Xenon lightD2-S 35W263217160806$212.43
08HIGH BEAM COVER263128384492$12.70
09Cover strip, left163128384489$20.42
09Cover strip, right163128384490$20.42
10BRACKET HEADLIGHT LEFT163128380187$51.13
10BRACKET HEADLIGHT RIGHT163128380188$51.13
12Expanding nutSCHWARZ463128374670$0.30
12Expanding nutGRAU463128374671$0.23
14WIRING LIGHT REGULATOR261138373573$6.40
15CONTROL UNIT XENON LIGHT209/200161358376273$463.33
15CONTROL UNIT XENON LIGHTAL209/200163127176068$449.90
15CONTROL UNIT XENON LIGHTZKW109/200263126925647$449.90
16Ignition element Xenon-light209/200163126904548$471.78
16Ignition element Xenon-lightAL209/200163126907504$114.15
16Ignition element Xenon-lightZKW109/200263126925648$186.45
17Supporting ring f Xenon light bulb263126905323$11.23
18LOW BEAM COVER209/200163126901480$12.70
19HEADLIGHT GASKET263128380210$23.55
20REPAIR KIT HEADLIGHT163126904664$9.53
22PLUG TERMINAL BLACK2 POL.261138364494$1.82
only in conjunction with
--CABLE SOCKET FEMALE1-2 MM²261131382194$0.50
--Sealing grommet261131382195$0.48
23Universal socket housing uncoded2 POL.261138373332$2.70
only in conjunction with
--Bushing contact0,2-0,5 MM²261130006624$2.15
24Socket housing, grey2 POL.261138364498$2.33
only in conjunction with
--Blade terminal cont. microtimer w. wire1,0 MM²461130007272$2.70
25Universal socket housing uncoded4 POL.261138365356$3.10
only in conjunction with
--Bushing contact0,2- 0,5MM²?61130005199$1.88
--Bushing contact0,75MM²?61130006665$1.97

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  • SI, TÜV, SDB = Service Information (refer to TIS).
  • ENDED = The part has been discontinued.
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