E46 325Ci     Folding top compartment lid

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Folding top compartment lidSCHWARZ151178227297$810.63
01Folding top compartment lidTITANGRAU151178227298$810.63
01Folding top compartment lidHELLBEIGE 2151178227299$810.63
02Cover, folding top comp.lid, antennaGRUNDIERT151177025698$271.00
03Spacer bush609/200051177029277$2.24
04Molding, folding top lidCHROM151177010325$202.24
04Molding, folding top lidHOCHGLANZ SW151177894361$202.24
04Molding, folding top lidSCHWARZ151178244277$202.24
05Striker trunk lid, bottom251258244281$20.98+core
06Hex nut with plateM8-ZNS3407129904862$1.12
08Cover, folding top flap, leftSCHWARZ151178233303$8.63
08Cover, folding top flap, rightSCHWARZ151178233304$8.63
08Cover, folding top flap, leftTITANGRAU151178245853$9.08
08Cover, folding top flap, rightTITANGRAU151178245854$9.08
08Cover, folding top flap, leftHELLBEIGE151178245855$9.08
08Cover, folding top flap, rightHELLBEIGE151178245856$9.08
09Torx Bolt for aluminiumST 5X12451177016393$2.66
10LEFT FOLDING TOP FLAP HINGE141638244279$51.43
10RIGHT FOLDING TOP FLAP HINGE141638244280$51.43
11Pad, hingeD=1MM?51177000813$1.50
12Hex nut with plateM8-ZNS3407129904862$1.12
14Bracket, hydraulic cylinder, left151178239239$12.73
14Bracket, hydraulic cylinder, right151178239240$12.73
15Hex nut with plateM8-ZNS3407129904862$1.12
16Gas pressurized spring320N251258227897$15.43
17Mount, hydraulic zylinder251178236957$2.42
18Securing plate204/197151231864963$0.68
19Lock f folding top flap left151258248313$84.63
19Lock f folding top flap right151258248314$84.63
20Fillister head with washerM6X16-Z1 SW407119901913$0.33
21Drive, locking mechanismHINTEN151258248308$261.57
22FOLDING TOP FLAP DRIVE167618380036$122.18+core
23Hex bolt with washerM6X18-U1307119905399$0.36
24Bowden cable, folding top flap251258227907$20.98+core
26Stop buffer251178242624$4.65
27Covering cap251178262458$2.20
28Hex boltM8X16261331372671$0.73
29Cable holder133181181218$1.10
30Stop buffer251177002801$1.13
31Torx Bolt for aluminiumST 8X20251177016394$4.59
32Bump stop251177016945$4.68
33Hex nut with plateM61851177020492$0.89
34Sealing, folding top flap151718227910$77.30
35WAVE WASHER224511421929$0.96
38Stop buffer251177020048$6.10
39screw for plasticTS5X12-ZNS3207147194471$0.34
40Clip f Bowden cable151257134550$1.11

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  • +core = plus core charge (possibility of a return of the old part)
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