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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Hydro unit109/200154347025595$1,042.42
01Hydraulic system109/200154348234530+core, ENDED
On vehicles built before 09/01, the
soft top module must be re-encoded
after replacing the hydraulic unit
01Hydro unit109/200154347025595$1,042.42
only in conjunction with
--Adapter wire f drive hydraulics109/200154347076030$17.98
02Left hydraulic cylinder, soft-top lid154348243269$245.94
03Right hydraulic cylinder, soft-top lid154348236956$245.94
04HoseLÄNGE 1005MM154347025601$198.21
05Relay, hydraulic pump, convertible top154347025596$34.11
06Control unit154347025592$880.96
07Cylinder, left tensioner154347025599$325.43
08Set of tensioner cylinder31;32;33;34154347025600$1,086.13
09Hydraulic pipe kit0;1;154347025591$298.51
10Bracket, hose line2154348242194$0.39
11Hydraulic hose, master cylinder, left21;22154347025597$241.76
12Hydraulic hose, master cylinder, right23;24154347025598$231.63
13Bracket hydraulic pump154348263217$4.42
14Quick-release coupling154347032914$104.92
15Sound insulation154347027560$76.16
16Hall sensor154347043558$42.79
17Master cylinder254347025593$325.43
18Ball pin154317045701$4.74
19Adapter wire f drive hydraulics154347076030$17.98
20Bracket, hose line1054348268996$2.09
21Bracket, hose line454347053420$1.84
22Hydraulic oil250ML112/199954347117733ENDED
22Hydraulic fluid for convertible/hatches250ML154340394395$32.62
23Bracket, Hall sensor154347042482$16.33

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  • +core = plus core charge (possibility of a return of the old part)
  • ENDED = The part has been discontinued.
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