E65 745i     Cylinder head cover

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Cylinder head coverZYL. 1-4111/200611127563474$434.00
only in conjunction with
--Cable clamp111/200611787549563$1.04
--Vent pipeZYL. 5-8111/200611617547186$55.65
--Vent pipeZYL. 1-4111/200611617563476$74.79
01Cylinder head coverZYL. 1-4111/200611127563474$434.00
02Gasket set, cylinder head coverZYL. 1-4111127513194$83.31
03Cylinder head coverZYL. 5-8111127522159$434.00
04Gasket set, cylinder head coverZYL. 5-8111127513195$83.31
05Gasket ring211127502482$3.35
06Rubber grommet411127501588$1.07
07Cable clamp207147575208$0.89
08Cable holderZYL. 5-8212527510935$1.77
09Fastening elementsM6X461011127568838$3.17
10Rubber seal1611127511582$2.69
11Cap nutM7811127568834$3.17
12Cap nutM7/M5811127568835$3.17
13Repair kit, pressure regulating valve211127547058$20.24

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