E90 330i     Alarm systems

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01ULTRA SONIC-MODULE106/200465756963651ENDED
01ULTRA SONIC-MODULE103/200765756972064ENDED
01ULTRA SONIC-MODULE109/200765756974373ENDED
01ULTRA SONIC-MODULE103/200965759149671ENDED
01ULTRA SONIC-MODULE103/201165759200943ENDED
01ULTRA SONIC-MODULE165759244134
02Altern.power siren w inclination indicat103/200665756948392ENDED
02Altern.power siren w inclination indicat109/200665756977755ENDED
02Altern.power siren w inclination indicat103/200765759117900ENDED
02Altern.power siren w inclination indicat109/200865759124581ENDED
02Altern.power siren w inclination indicat109/200865759167637ENDED
02Altern.power siren w inclination indicat103/201065759189818ENDED
02Altern.power siren w inclination indicat103/201165759223072ENDED
02Altern.power siren w inclination indicat165759243750
04Mounting plate165756936588$6.82
05Hex bolt with washerM6X18204/200707119904093ENDED
05Hex bolt with washerM6X18-U2-ZNS3207119902933
06Hex nut with plateAM6-8-ZNS3410/200607129904008ENDED
06Hex nutM6 ZNS3403/200607129904868ENDED
06Hex nutAM6-8-ZNNIV SI407129905542$0.47
07Universal socket housing uncoded3 POL.161138365348$3.40
only in conjunction with
--Bushing contact0,2- 0,5MM²?61130005199$1.88
--Bushing contact0,75MM²?61130006665$1.97

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  • ENDED = The part has been discontinued.
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