E92 335i     Front Spring strut/Carrier/Wheel bearing

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
  iThe following part is absolutely vital
for strut replacements:
Additional shock absorber, front
01LEFT FRONT SPRING STRUTSACHS109/200631316786003$309.71
Required for repair
01FRONT RIGHT SPRING STRUTSACHS109/200631316786004$309.71
Required for repair
--Hex bolt with washerM12X1,5X87 ZNS3109/200633326760346$2.75
01LEFT FRONT SPRING STRUT109/200606/201031316785591$338.20
Required for repair
01FRONT RIGHT SPRING STRUT109/200606/201031316785592$338.20
Required for repair
--Hex bolt with washerM12X1,5X87 ZNS3109/200606/201033326760346$2.75
For vehicles with
Standard suspension

01LEFT FRONT SPRING STRUT131316785589$281.25
Required for repair
01FRONT RIGHT SPRING STRUT131316785590$281.25
Required for repair
--Hex bolt with washerM12X1,5X87 ZNS3133326760346$2.75
02Carrier, left131216793923
02Carrier, right131216793924$179.67
03Hex bolt with washerM12X1,5X87 ZNS3233326760346$2.75
04Self-locking collar nutM12X1,5-10 ZNS3233326760668$0.62
05Wheel hub with bearing, front231216765157$272.23
only in conjunction with
--Hex bolt with washerM12X1.5X60-10.9831126760203$2.47
06Hex bolt with washerM12X1.5X60-10.9831126760203$2.47
07DSC pulse generator, front210/201334526760424ENDED
07DSC pulse generator, front234526870075
08ISA screwM6X16-8.8-ZNS3207129904588$0.96
09Left ABS/BVA tube bracket134526770629$3.72
09Right ABS/BVA tube bracket134526770630$3.72
10BRACKET BRAKE PIPE LEFT134306788175$5.92
10BRACKET BRAKE PIPE RIGHT134306788176$6.10
11Universal socket housing uncoded2 POL.261131392246$5.53
only in conjunction with
--Bushing contact0,2- 0,5MM²?61130005199$1.88
--Bushing contact0,75MM²?61130006665$1.97

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  • ENDED = The part has been discontinued.
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