E93 M3     Activated Charcoal Filter/mounting parts

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Set, microfilter/activ. charcoal filter164319159606$127.83
02Housing, microfilter lower section, left164316958817$31.84+core
03Housing, mic-filter lower section, right164316958818$31.84+core
04Housing, microfilter top section, left164316958815$22.14+core
05Housing, microfilter top section, right164316958816$22.14+core
06Covering left164319144869$9.10
07Covering right164319144870$9.10
08Leaf grill, left110/201164316942617ENDED
08Leaf grill, left164319267637
09Leaf grill, right110/201164316942618ENDED
09Leaf grill, right164319267638
10Water drain, left164316940855$6.40
11Water drain, right164316940856$6.40
12Water drain, left164316925977$8.25
13Water drain, right164316925978$8.25
14PANEL HEATER LEFT164316925973$14.44
15HEATER CLOSING PANEL164316979758$14.44
16PANEL HEATER RIGHT164316925974$14.44
18Dome strut grommet, left164316964415$12.55
19Dome strut grommet, right164316964416$12.55
20SPACER HOLDER251718045658$1.58
21Plug, blackD=6,35MM251488114499$0.56
22Plastic boltSECHSKANT707147146539$0.25
23Clip nut5X15 D=30 SW10207147139081$0.20
25SELF-LOCKING HEX NUTM6264509123157$0.70
26Hex bolt205/200507147146540ENDED
26Fillister head screw207147118369$0.80
27PLUG-IN NUTM5446637651465$1.29
28Hex boltM5X14407119902932$0.53
29Expanding rivetD = 6MM251111908077$0.30

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  • +core = plus core charge (possibility of a return of the old part)
  • ENDED = The part has been discontinued.
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