F25 X3 28iX     Trim cover, rear

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Parts diagram
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No.DescriptionSupplementQty From  Up To Part NumberPriceNotes Photo
01Bumper trim panel, primered, rear104/201451127278474
For vehicles with
Exterior design components for X Line
Important: Rework required.

01Bumper trim panel, primered, rear104/201451127278474
only in conjunction with
--Cover, bumper, rearX-LINE104/201451777238461
--Blind rivet504/201407142151750$0.45
Left and right sides contained in kit.
02Set of trim covers, tow fitting104/201451127272415
03Gasket ring804/201451127256354
04Covering, bottom rear104/201451127237453
05Blind rivet?04/201407142151750$0.45
06C-clip nut?04/201451717065773
07Hex boltTS5X17 SW8 D=22?04/201407149126886
08Hex nut with plateM6?04/201407147155614$0.91
09Deflector lip, rear left104/201451627213651
09Deflector lip, rear right104/201451627213652
10Hex head screwST 4,8X18 SW8804/201407147129161$0.25

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