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i3 I01 i3 94Ah Telematics control unit

Telematics control unit
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  i Order and installation of an encoded
telematics control unit will deactivate
the currently installed SIM map.
ConnectedDrive and Teleservice services
can then only be implemented with the
new control unit.
The ordered control unit does not
operate in any other vehicle,
only this one!
See PuMA measure 62720112
For vehicles with
Important notice! The battery is not
included in the telematics
communications box and must be ordered
separately as required!

01 Telematics control unit TCB US GPS 1 07/2016 84109362849
01 Telematics control unit TCB US 4G 1 11/2017 84106836777
02 Bracket for audio amplifier/phone 1 65159251524
03 Cover, control unit TCB 1 84109267244
04 Battery 4,8V 440MAH 1 84109297787

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