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4' F83 M4 M4 Release code 1-year update Navi HU-H2

Release code 1-year update Navi HU-H2
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  i !!! Attention !!!
The enabling code technology was
changed, the
enabling code can no longer be entered
using the
The new enabling code technology is
used in the
following vehicles:
-from 07/15 in G11
-from 03/16 in F06/F12/F13
-from 04/16 in F25/F26
-from 08/16 in F15/F16/F85/F86
-from 11/16 in G30
-from 07/16 in F2X/F3X
For more detailed information refer to
-for G11: PARTS_011_06_15
-all other series: PARTS_010_05_16
In the Aftersales Assistance Portal ASAP
at: Product information/ 07
Infotainment and communication / 3
Navigation software update, you will
find all of the
necessary information on the latest
navigation products and the enabling
Please observe that after confirming
the download button in ASAP or after
calling up the enabling code from the
diagnosis system no
cancellation or
refund of costs is possible.
Respond to ordering errors by consulting
PuMA Measure 36855182.
For vehicles with
Navigation system Professional

01 Enable code HU-H2 map N. America Evo Upd 1 YEAR 1 07/2015 07/2016 65902409381
only in conjunction with
-- 2019 NAV USB (NBT EVO) BMW 1 07/2015 07/2016 65902465436

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