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5' F07 GT LCI 550iX Transfer case ATC 35L

Transfer case ATC 35L
No. Description Supp. Qty  From   Up To  Part Number Price Notes
  i Attention: In the event of a warranty
case, leave the
transmission oil in the intermediate
transmission for the purposes of
possible analysis. After
the agreed-upon storage time,
drain and
dispose appropriately!
01 Transfer box ATC35L 1 27108662300
only in conjunction with
01 AT-auxiliary transmission ATC35L 1 27108484617
only in conjunction with
-- Universal joint LK=105MM/12 1 26117610061
02 Distributor for trans. fluid TF 0870 1000ML X 05/2015 83220397244 $46.71 ENDED
Filling quantity, see Additional
02 Dtf 1 1000ML X 83222409710
Filling quantity, see Additional
  • ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available).

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