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3' F30 LCI 340i Electronic log book

Electronic log book
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  i Important notice:
The installation instructions are not
included in the retrofit kit. Print out
the latest update of the instructions
the Aftersales Assistance Portal (ASAP)
and hand them over to the customer.
ATTENTION: Ensure that customer is aware
of data privacy protection notices (in
information bulletin, owner's manual,
prior to purchase/installation.
01 Electronic log book delivery 1 62202223761 EBA 2329919, EBA 2329920, EBA 2329921, EBA 2329922, EBA 2329923, EBA 2329929, EBA 2331135, EBA 2356868
02 Memory unit TRIPLOG 1 62200441109
Required only as replacement
Der Betrieb von mehreren
Speichereinheiten mit gleicher ID ist
Zur Bestellung ist die Angabe der ID-
Nummer (siehe PC-Software) notwendig.
03 Ausleseeinheit USB 1 62200445457 ENDED
only required as replacement
Not suitable for use with kit 62 20 2
223 761
05 Gps antenna 1 65902220228 ENDED
  • EBA = Einbauanleitung (Installation instructions)
  • ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available).

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