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3' F30 LCI 340i Winter wheel w.tire star sp.396 - 18"

Winter wheel w.tire star sp.396 - 18
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  i In member states of the EU and in
Switzerland the excerpt from the EU
type approval (available in wheel/tire
sets on the EF homepage and/or on
the Commercial Service Data DVD, in
Germany also in the Infonet under BMW
> Aftersales > Zubehör > Gutachten)
is to be remitted to the customer. It
be necessary to amend the vehicle's
official documents in specific
individual countries.
For vehicles with
National version China

For vehicles with
Tire pressure display
Runflat tires with emergency running
Tire M+S Pirelli W240 Sotto Zero RSC

01 RDCi wheel & tire, winter, light alloy 225/45R18 95V 4 03/2014 36112289746 ENDED
  • ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available).

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