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3' F30 LCI 325d Individual wood, ash woodgrain, white

Individual wood, ash woodgrain, white
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Important notice!
Standard series components are also
installed in "Individual" vehicles.
Please check in advance to confirm
that the required spare part is not a
series component.
For vehicles with
special equipment BMW Individual
Individual decor strips in leather
Individual fine ash woodgrain in white



01 Wood panel, instrument panel, left ESCHEMASER WEIß 1 07/2015 51457989791 NoS
02 Wood panel, instrument panel, right ESCHEMASER WEIß 1 07/2015 51457989792 NoS
03 Trim cover, pull strap, left ESCHEMASER WEIß 2 07/2012 51417985011 NoS
03 Trim cover, pull strap, right ESCHEMASER WEIß 2 07/2012 51417985012 NoS
04 Decor panel for centre console ESCHEMASER WEIß 1 07/2012 51167985005 NoS
  • NoS = No Stock (Part, central, not in stock.)

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