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3' F80 M3 LCI M3 Master key locking

Master key locking
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  i Important! Prior to ordering
components relevant to theft
protection (such as keys,
single-key locking system parts,
BDC control units), it is essential
to ensure that the customer, the
vehicle keeper or an authorized
third party is authorized to
receive these components by requesting
presentation of the original vehicle
documents and an official photo ID!
When an authorized third party places
the order a power of attorney from the
vehicle's keeper will also be required.
Copies of the document granting
authorization must be archived
in the vehicle's file.
When a vehicle key is lost we urge
that you have it deactivated by BMW
Service to avoid risking loss of
coverage owing to gross negligence
in the event of theft.
Set contains black integrated key. In
P7S1A with ID sensor in dolomiti,
please order two integrated keys
7293906 as well.
01 Set uniform locking system 1 51217259832
For vehicles with
National version japan

01 Set uniform locking system JAPAN 1 51217277637

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