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3' E46 316i 1.6 DVD navigation street map

DVD navigation street map
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Compatibility matrix
PARTS_018_12_12 - Europe
PARTS_004_02_13 - Russia
PARTS_008_02_13 - Oceania
PARTS_010_02_13 - Korea
PARTS_012_03_13 - Southeast Asia
PARTS_023_07_13 - USA
'How do you install the right GPS
map in the vehicle'
Important notice! The multi-update DVD
Road Map for Europe high 2014 is the
last version!
For vehicles with
Navigation system Business
Navigation system Professional


01 Update DVD Road Map of Europe high 2018 1 09/2002 08/2006 65902456883
01 CD Road Map Arabian Gulf high 2012 FINAL VERSION 1 09/2002 65902218523

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