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3' E46 325Ci Indiv.cover,sports seat,Alcantara/Online

Indiv.cover,sports seat,Alcantara/Online
No. Description Supp. Qty  From   Up To  Part Number Price Notes
  i Only applies to individual vehicles
with upholstery code Z1XX
Series parts are not possible via this
order no.
Since individual vehicles are also
equipped with series parts, it is to be
assured that the spare part needed is
not a series part.
Specify when ordering:
Spare part for individual vehicle:
- part no.
- dealer no.
- chassis no.
Retrofit of an individual part:
- part. no.
- dealer no.
-chassis no.
- (A) Part Number Alcantara unicolor
- (B) Part Number Alcantara Online
- (C) Color code Thread = Suitable
For vehicles with
Seat heating

01 Seat cover alcantara left ONLINE 1 52108015581 $781.20 ENDED, NoS
01 Seat cover alcantara right ONLINE 1 52108015582 $781.20 ENDED, +core, NoS
02 Backrest cover Alcantara, left ONLINE 1 52108015583 $781.20 ENDED, NoS
02 Backrest cover Alcantara, right ONLINE 1 52108015584 $781.20 ENDED, +core, NoS
  • ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available).
  • NoS = No Stock (Part, central, not in stock.)
  • +core = plus core charge (possibility of a return of the old part)

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