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3' E46 318i Retrofit, sun blind, electric

Retrofit, sun blind, electric
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For vehicles with
Fabric "Edward"/beige
Leather Dakota / mocca


01 Read comments and instruct. carefully! 1 09/1999 01104444444 ENDED
Can be retrofitted. The following parts
are required and can be seen in EPC:
Set of electric roller sun blinds up to
0 000 522 Lim, 0 004 718 Cou
Switch unit, center console
Remove plug of retrofit wiring harness.
Then connect cable ends to plug of
switching center.
For this retrofit there are no
installation instructions.
To be installed by skilled personnel
only, best by a BMW partner.
BMW is unable to accept any
responsibility for operating failures
and damages resulting from incorrect
  • ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available).

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