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X6 E71 X6 35dX Retrofit kit, voice input

Retrofit kit, voice input
No. Description Supp. Qty  From   Up To  Part Number Price Notes
For vehicles with
Navigation system Professional
Voice control
Following ordering the enable code
must be downloaded from the ASAP
Portal by selecting Service/Technology
and then the Sweeping Technologies
menu option.


01 Retrofit kit, voice input system 1 10/2009 84640396162 $67.00 +core, EBA 0396163, EBA 0430248
only in conjunction with
-- Hands free telephone microphone 1 10/2009 84316941445 $63.02
-- Enable code, retrofit CCC language ASAP 1 10/2009 65836976392 $519.42
  • +core = plus core charge (possibility of a return of the old part)
  • EBA = Einbauanleitung (Installation instructions)

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