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X6 E71 X6 40dX Retrofit kit trailer coupling detachable

Retrofit kit trailer coupling detachable
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  i Important notice:
The installation instructions are not
included in the retrofit kit. Print out
the latest update of the instructions
the Aftersales Assistance Portal (ASAP)
and hand them over to the customer.
Replacement of the "fan cowl with
fan" may be required.
If the diagram for Main Assembly Group
17 indicates that "fan cowl with fan"
is part of
the special equipment for trailer
then this part number must be ordered
and installed.
If no part number is indicated as
trailer coupling special equipment, then
it will not be necessary to replace the
"fan cowl with fan."
When the 'fan cowl with fan' is
replaced, the 'power distribution
box with fuse' and the 'power-supply
cable for electric fan' must also be
Note: Park Distance Control can be
integrated into the FRM
01 Towing hitch, detachable 1 71606783433 +core, EBA 0427343, EBA 2156830, EBA 2230171
02 Retrofit kit, electr. additional parts 1 10/2009 71602155434 EBA 2156830
only in conjunction with
-- Cable strap with bracket Ø=6,9 / L=150 1 10/2009 61136915974 $0.68
-- Cable strap with bracket L=200MM 1 10/2009 61136915982 $0.92
-- Cable tie L=119MM 2 10/2009 61138357028
  • +core = plus core charge (possibility of a return of the old part)
  • EBA = Einbauanleitung (Installation instructions)

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