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X6 E71 X6 40dX BMW Baby Seat 0+

BMW Baby Seat 0+
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  i Sitzbezüge: Firma Secade 08663880818
For vehicles with

Approved under ECE-R 44.04. Not
approved for use in Australia, Canada,
USA and Korea
When installing at front: Deactivate
front passenger airbag!
A precondition for the sale is that the
customer be provided with a manual
operating instructions in the national
01 BMW Baby Seat 0+ SCHWARZ-ANTHRAZ 1 82222162867 ENDED, EBA 2158368
Including seat reducer
01 BMW Baby Seat 0+ SCHWARZ-BLAU 1 82222162868 ENDED, EBA 2158368
Including seat reducer
  • ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available).
  • EBA = Einbauanleitung (Installation instructions)

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