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X6 E71 X6 40dX Single parts SA 633, trunk

Single parts SA 633, trunk
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  i A TCU (Telematics Control Unit) can
only be ordered with specification of
the Vehicle Identification Number. When
shipping the exchange TCU, the
Vehicle Identification Number is coded.
Recoding is not possible. The TCU only
functions properly with suitable coding.
Therefore, exchange TCUs cannot be
ordered for stock! Retrofitting and
conversions to SA633 are
not possible!
For vehicles with
Control for Combox

For vehicles with
Preparation, mobile phone, Business

01 Exch. telematics control unit GSM 1 10/2010 84109231093
02 Bracket for telematics control module 1 65159112582 $16.50
03 Hex nut M5 7 07129906048 $0.73

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