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X6 M F86 X6 M Electrical steering

Electrical steering
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  i Important notice!
The system automatically requests
the repair enable codes during the
programming routine. As an alternative,
it is possible to request the enable
directly by selecting 'Sweeping
in the 'FSC repair information request'
at the ASAP Portal.
For vehicles with
Active steering

01 Exch. steering box, electr. 1 32107854304
contains EPS control unit
02 Ball Cup 4 32106867310
03 ASA screw, self-threading 10X85 4 07/2016 07129907324 ENDED
03 Star-socket screw M10X85-U1-10.9 4 07119909362
  • ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available).

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