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6' F13 650i Master key locking

Master key locking
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  i Important notice! Before ordering keys,
central locking systems, control units
(EWS immobilizer/CAS), etc., it is
vital to ensure that the customer
and/or vehicle owner present proof of
authorization in the form of original
vehicle documents and an official photo
ID! A power of attorney from the
vehicle owner is also required for
authorised third parties. Copies of the
specified credentials (proof of
authorisation) must be kept in the
vehicle records. Please inform BMW
Service immediately if a vehicle key is
lost so it can be deactivated in order
to avoid taking the risk of losing the
insurance cover due to gross negligence
in the event of a theft.
01 Set uniform locking system 1 12/2010 51217208839
01 Set uniform locking system 1 51214878721 ENDED
For vehicles with
Comfort access

01 Set uniform locking system 1 51217208843
  • ENDED = the part has been discontinued (no longer available).

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