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3' E90 LCI 330i Relay for radio K411

Relay for radio K411
No. Description Supp. Qty  From   Up To  Part Number Price Notes
  i The body version shown in the
illustration is intended
only as an example and may vary from
the original.
For vehicles with
Unmasked official vehicle
Patrol vehicle, camouflaged


01 Relay changer salmon red 1 12631742690 $8.32
02 Relay holder, black white 1 61131389113 $5.32
03 Double leaf spring contact 0,5-1,0 MM²(AG) X 61138377730 $0.63
03 Double leaf spring contact 1,5-2,5 MM²(AG) X 61138377732 $0.63
03 Double leaf spring contact 4,0-6,0 MM²(AG) X 61138377734

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