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3' E90 LCI 330i Indi. clip for door handle, inside front

Indi. clip for door handle, inside front
No. Description Supp. Qty  From   Up To  Part Number Price Notes
  i Only applies to individual vehicles
with upholstery code Z1XX
Components from series production
are not available through this order no.
Series components are also installed
on Individual vehicles.
Always confirm in advance that the
required replacement component
is not a standard series component.
The door handle grips in the version
with standard seam correspond to the
standard series part in the matching
color and, if possible, should not be
ordered using the Individual detail no.
The specific data entries required
when placing the order vary
according to the specific requirement.
Spare part for Individual vehicle:
- Part number
- Dealer number
Retrofitting an Individual part:
- Part number
- Dealer number
- (A) Part no. leather
- (B) Colour of thread = matching
Clip at front, also suitable for 2 door
trim at rear.
only fits door trim panel with
Door closing handle with two
reinforcement braces
01 Clasp, inside door handle, right INDIVIDUAL 1 09/2005 51417973136 $79.92 NoS
  • NoS = No Stock (Part, central, not in stock.)

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