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5' F07 GT LCI 528i Indiv.cover basic seat, rear

Indiv.cover basic seat, rear
No. Description Supp. Qty  From   Up To  Part Number Price Notes
  i ----------------------------------
Series parts are not possible via this
order no.
Since individual vehicles are also
equipped with series parts, it is to be
assured that the spare part needed is
not a series part.
Specify when ordering:
Spare part for individual vehicle:
- part no.
- dealer no.
- chassis no.
Retrofit of an individual part:
- part. no.
- dealer no.
-chassis no.
- (A) Part Number Leather
- (B) Part Number Leather, (piping)
- (C) Color specification, threads
Version with seat heating (also suitable
for vehicles without seat heating)
For vehicles with
Comfort seat, rear, electr. adjustable
  special trim (without colour statement)
  Indi. leather expanded/"platin/black"
  Indi. leather, extended/amaro-braun




01 Leather cover for basic seat left INDIVIDUAL 1 09/2011 52207982045 NoS
02 Leather cover for basic seat right INDIVIDUAL 1 09/2011 52207982046 NoS
03 Cover, basic backrest, leather, left INDIVIDUAL 1 09/2011 52207982047 NoS
03 Basic backrest leather cover, right INDIVIDUAL 1 09/2011 52207982048 NoS
  • NoS = No Stock (Part, central, not in stock.)

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